• Mapping of technology/Innovation ecosystem in Universities and Research Institutes
  • Facilitate and catalyze the promotion of technology-driven research initiatives through awareness and training programs in the Universities, Autonomous Institutions & Academic/Research Institutions, particularly in and around Odisha
  • Stimulate entrepreneurial activities within the Universities, R&D laboratories & Academic Institutions through the TEC
  • Develop and strengthen the Industry-Academia partnership for effective transfer of know-how from the Universities to the entrepreneurs and industry and enable novel product development.
  • Promote area specific technologies for the industries by utilizing R&D capabilities of the host institutions in the region.
  • Enable and empower academics, scientists including entrepreneurial students and start-ups on every aspect for successful technology development and commercialization including IP, regulatory/ethical compliances, business plan development, and planning, financial and legal issues as well as market understanding.
  • Provide Intellectual Property protection and management services and facilitate the technology transfer and commercialization.
  • Organize state-level networking platforms for an investor meeting, industry-research collaboration and knowledge seminars/accelerator programs.